Phoenix Fire Protection is a full-service design and build fire protection company and government contractor. Since our founding in May 1987, we’ve provided outstanding fire protection systems that are custom-designed, expertly installed, and well-maintained. Our highly skilled and well-trained staff have decades of combined experience in designing, installing, and testing fire-protection systems.

We provide fire protection systems and services for residential, commercial, historical, and military facilities. Our process covers all aspects of your system’s installation from design and construction; to installation, inspection, and permits; to repairs and maintenance. We are licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina and have provided our services to military facilities as a government contractor in Virginia and Georgia.

Phoenix Fire Protection is proud to offer many choices in fire protection systems, including alternatives to water-based sprinkler systems such as clean agent suppression systems and foam suppression systems. To ensure that our customers have the best system designed and installed, we provide an in-house fabrication team to custom-fit the system into any structure, building, or facility.

Our Success

Our success rests on our skills, knowledge, experience, and most importantly on our relationship with our customers. Phoenix Fire Protection understands that every project is different and our highest goal is ensuring that our customers are pleased with our work. We utilize our experience and skills to adapt to the challenges of the project scope and the needs of our customers: this is why nearly 75% of our work is repeat customer business.

As technology has advanced over the last several decades, our customers’ needs have changed and the industry has evolved to require constant field communication, mobile technology, and new software. Phoenix Fire Protection has continued to adapt to the changes over the years in order to provide the top-quality skills and work for which we are known.

Affiliations, Licenses, and Certifications

Phoenix Fire Protection is proudly affiliated with the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) and the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). We participate in the certification programs provided by NICET for fire sprinkler and fire alarm design, layout, testing, and inspection. We also hold the following North Carolina State Contractors Licenses:

Plumbing P1 13628 (Unlimited)

Fire Sprinkler FS 13628 (Unlimited)

Electrical SP-LV-23540 (Fire Alarms)