Retrofitting Fire Protection for Historical Structures and Buildings

Fire has always been one of the most destructive forces when it comes to cultural heritage and preservation. Even today, historical buildings are at great risk of fire damage, both to the structure itself and to the potential loss of life due to how the structure was constructed.

Due to the fragility and age of the building, not to mention the historical construction and finishes contained within the building, retrofitting fire protection for historical structures can be a challenging task. While protecting and preserving the building adequately, the retrofit must also be code-compliant for fire safety. These problems cannot be tackled by just any fire protection company.

Phoenix Fire Protection is the team to call when looking to retrofit, install, or inspect historical building fire protection systems. We have decades of experience in designing, fabricating, and customizing special systems to fit an existing structure. Our engineers have the flexibility and the creativity to design and install the right system for your historical building.


When your association or foundation is looking for a fire protection contractor for your historical building, you want to ensure that the system functions well and is code-compliant but doesn’t detract, mar, or destroy from the historical beauty and value of the structure. Phoenix Fire Protection understands your concerns and will construct a system that complies.

Our system will focus on three things: preservation of the structure in the event of a fire, fire death protection for any individuals in the structure in the event of a fire, and preservation of the structure, fabric, and finishes of the building during and after installation. Our systems are attractive and constructed to be as unnoticeable as possible in comparison to the historical nature of the building.

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