Fire Protection for Commercial Buildings in NC and SC

Regardless of a building’s function, commercial structures are required to adhere to state and federal codes. Ensuring that your commercial building’s fire protection plan and system are in accordance with these codes is necessary not only to prevent loss of life but also to receive a building permit. Depending on the nature and use of the structure, the required specifications and fire code can change – this necessitates having the best fire protection experts design, install, and inspect your commercial fire system.

Phoenix Fire Protection specializes in providing commercial buildings and business owners with top-of-the-line fire protection system design, installation, and inspections. Whether you need a standard water-based system, a special hazards-type designed system, or need inspections on an existing structure, we have the equipment, expertise, and manpower to efficiently get the job done.

Our Commercial Fire Protection Process

We offer several services to ensure your building complies with state and federal fire codes:

System Design

After thoroughly inspecting your commercial structure, we convert the information we have gathered into a strategic design configuration. We provide you with several expert fire protection solutions to choose from, ensuring that you receive the best system for your building.

Equipment Choice and Installation

We offer UL & FM approved equipment in system components while running our own fabrication shop, guaranteeing that the system supports the building and is in compliance with the NFPA code.


The Phoenix Fire Protection team is licensed to evaluate and inspect your fire protection systems, whether it’s an older system on the property you’ve recently purchased or it’s been recently installed by others or ourselves. Our inspectors will confirm not only that your system is up-to-code, but working safely and efficiently and will perform an NFPA-25 inspection of your respective systems.

Maintenance and Repair

No matter what kind of system your building has, it will need to be serviced and maintained. Our staff is highly trained to thoroughly service your system and to spot any potential weaknesses that need to be fixed.

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