Full-Service Fire Protection Systems

Ensure that your property’s fire protection services are certified, custom-fitted, and installed the right way by hiring Phoenix Fire Protection. For over 30 years, we have provided service-oriented fire protection systems for military, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings primarily in North and South Carolina.

Our well-trained, knowledgeable staff provides the right systems and latest technology on every project we complete. Our work is always up-to-code, efficient, and exceptional.

Process and Implementation

We provide services for both new construction and retrofits on existing structures in order to meet new standards.

Our full suite of services covers fire protection needs from beginning to end, including:

  1. NICET Certified Design Service
  2. In-House Fabrication Services
  3. Installation
  4. NFPA-25 Inspections
  5. NFPA 13, 20, 24 Acceptance Testing
  6. Maintenance and Repairs

We work with, install, and inspect all types of fire protection and suppression systems, including water-based systems, dry pipe systems, AFFF, Hi-EX foam/water systems, and clean agent suppressant systems such as FM-200 and NOVAC 1230. We also provide backflow preventer installation, testing, and repair.

In-House Fabrication for Fire Protection Systems

Phoenix Fire Protection provides in-house fabrication services, ensuring that each system is custom-fitted to its facility when installed and that the materials are high-quality. The fabrication team keeps upgrade or repair turnarounds quick and system downtime low. This includes maintenance, upgrades, and repairs for fire pump systems.

Industries and Areas Served

We provide services to North Carolina and South Carolina, with some DOD work in Georgia and Virginia. The fire protection services and systems we offer differ by industry but primarily focus on:

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Our job isn’t completed until our clients are satisfied with the work. To start discussing your fire protection system needs, contact Phoenix Fire Protection today to schedule your consultation. Please fill out our form or contact us at 919-774-3042.